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ecee-multi-purpose box (0470). Sold in 30s


ecee-multi-purpose 0470. B flute corrugated, white outside. Sold in 30’s. Free delivery, no VAT. Ref: 055


A very simple 0470 variant to take most items for online sales. Candle/Soaps/pictures/Mime plaques etc.

Inside size is approx., 180mm x 130mm x 65mm. Similar in size to some boxes you can buy at the PO (£2.25 ) but a lot cheaper. these are 77p each.

Comes in white outside and made from B flute corrugated board. Perfect to withstand the rigours of your carrier network.

Has nifty locking end tabs for easy opening for recycling.

If you want a slightly different size, just contact me: solutionys@gmail.com

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 450 × 350 × 200 cm


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