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Mick Parkes

Right Box - Right Cost- Nothing Left


Picking the most obvious pack design might not be the right one

As one of the few freelance box designers, I specialise in creating solutions to solve your structural design challenges. I also take up the slack if your designers are under the cosh.
  • If you have a new designer I can help by passing on my knowledge gained over 5 decades, to the next generation which will help your business prosper.
  • Unfortunately, I can’t do POS or Triplewall work, as I don’t stock those materials.
  • But I can do design work for all the other sectors.

To discuss how I can help you, just…….

Contact me on email: solutionys@gmail.com

Or Mobile: 07941 390085

How is your box plant different from the rest?

It seems everyone has the same machines, Weipongs, Eterna's, MPG's, Gopferts, Bobsts, etc.


 So how do you sell?

 Maybe on price, service & quality like everyone else is doing.





Knowledge is Power..


  • How is your design ability contributing to the sales offering, for example an in-depth, audited understanding of a customer Supply Chain can make the difference?
  • The power of a millimetre is understated.
  • Designers, Account Managers & Commercial teams should have the best training available so they contribute to the bottom line.
  • They don’t know what they don’t know!!
  • I help them know!!!!




Why a Millimetre is so Important


Is your customer sure their bottles or cartons are the right size?

  • If you’re changing the size due to new  materials or shape etc, now’s your chance to optimise your boxes and pallet volumes.
  • It’s not uncommon to get 25% more per pallet load once undertaking an optimising project.
  • Let me help & train you to find the optimised pack and retain cash if you’re a producer and supplier to the retail & palletised world.

Are you baffled by Vendor Compliance for Amazon 6 & ISTA?


I can help with the myriad of testing you may need to know, to get your pack approved

Does Your e-Commerce Packaging Survive The Journey?

Will it pass an ISTA or UN test or the Amazon SIOC?

  • What someone thinks is the design to use maybe isn’t.
  • Every day on Linkedin, you see a great eCom box but it wouldn’t survive a drop test from 900mm.
  • I have helped numerous box plants with this puzzle, all based on 100s of drop tests I’ve carried out over the years.

I'm not just a freelancer,I also train box designers, who trains yours?

I decided to set up eceeboxes Academy to train the next generation of box designers, as no one else is....



For more detail go the training site



Also, I offer unique mentoring


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for an agreed period of time


My Take on Replacing Plastic with Paperbased Materials

The Little Hanging Box Co.

See some examples of paper based hanging boxes

See Paper Boxes

Thanks for taking the time to read my story

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