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ecee-large-letter sized mailer. Sold in 20s


ecee-large-letter mailer. Sold in 20’s. Ref: 071

If you want a specific size please contact me: solutionys@gmail.com


ecee-large-letter mailer fits the Royal Mail guide for Large Letter PIP charge. Outside size of this little gem is 155mm x 110mm x 22mm. Easily drops through the guide. Some Post Offices will not accept L/L boxes if they don’t simply drop through the guide. They will refuse it, if it has to be pushed through.

Ideal for thin items like soap bars or jewellery. Inside size is approx., 145mm x 95mm x 17mm. Made from e flute, about 1.8mm thick. Comes in white both side with white fluting. Great little gift pack with a nice reveal and unboxing experience.

Simply seal with a small sticky tab or paper gummed tape. 

Other sizes can be made, such as longer or shorter, but keeping the thickness the same for RM LL PIP. Sold in 20s

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 450 × 350 × 160 cm


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