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Packaging Design for Producers

There are three main areas where many packaging producers are experiencing difficulties in todays climate, that put pressure on the business and threaten the bottom line. Helping your organisation find solutions can be tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of using a Freelance Packaging Designer

  1. Overstretched Design Office, I take the heat out of a pressured part of your business.
  2. Inexperienced Designers Who Need Tech support. Sometimes experience counts for a lot.
    With over 45 years as a Designer and Management Team member, I have a lot of different perspectives to offer
  3. Needing Fresh And Innovative Design Solution? A view from the outside helps your sales offering. I have worked with many sales colleagues over the years, its part of my job and one that I enjoy.
  4.  If you’re stuck with an issue like ISTA, I have many years experience in pack testing and problem solving.
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Commercial, I'm not Just a Designer!

  1. Technical Sales support. Sometimes your  commercial teams also need a fresh perspective.
  2. Cost Efficiency Demands From Customers. I have lots of experiences from site audits and preparing for presentations, that could help you win that business.
  3. Production Efficiency for Throughput And ‘Bottom-Line’ Savings. Again, many experiences to refer to for saving ££’s in your production facilty.
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Environmental And Wasteful Packaging

  1. Inefficient ‘Standard’ Stock Box Sizes
  2. Over-Packaging And Voidfill
  3. No Plastic Here!!!!!
  4. Non-sustainable Materials
  5. Are you worried about ISTA & Amazons ISTA 6?
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