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Sales & Commercial Help

Support For Your Team

For a sales person the need of the customer are paramount, if sales are to be won. Having reliable technical support is essential for the team to win those sales. Sometimes it useful to have another perspective on the customer activity.

I can either offer advice and guidance at a distance or by accompanying the sales and business developemnt teams to customer visits.

Over the many years of working in our industry I have always tended to be customer facing, so I can bring those experiences to help your teams win that business.

Cost Efficiency

Everyone is in the business to make a profit. For customers, sometimes their requirements for cost savings are one way of maintaining your profit, while making efficiency rationalisations to the packaging portfolio that you offer. With significant experience of customer auditing I can help advise the sales and commercial teams to enhance your margin and have a happy customer too

Production Efficiency For Throughput And Savings

It will always be welcome to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), to make improvements to production efficiency and enhance the profit of the company. However, this type of exercise takes a dedicated amount of time and manpower, which often cannot be spared from the design  or commercial office for a concentrated time.

I have worked on many successful projects to improve throughput per hour, sometimes by making a simple design change or considering how board grades are used on site. This leaves your  teams free to continue with the bread and butter work that brings in orders and profit.

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