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e-Commerce Packaging

What you need to know and How I can help

There is lots to know and think about when  shipping items out from online orders.

I specialise in design and shipment of e-commerce packs.

A lot of my recent work relates to ISTA ( International Safe Transit Authority) and other test systems now being advertised.

CLICK HERE to see a video on Youtube of me testing a box

I always design packs for clients so they  will survive the dreaded White Van experience.

Yes we’ve all seen some of the exploits our delivery colleagues get up to. Its a minority that hit the headlines but never the less it could happen to you.

To see more ideas go to my sister site www.e-cee.com


What Can We Do Together?

Example of a simple solution

This is really popular with my shop customers



The ecee-flipper is ideal for frames, mounts and prints etc.

But its a well known design and does the job. I make them at my Micro Manufacturing site.




Thanks For Looking

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