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Taking The Stress Out Of Your Companies Design Needs. I have many years of experience to bring to your sales efforts. I even have my own prototyping table


It doesn’t matter if you’re a sheet plant or a multi national, design teams can get overwhelmed. Sometimes its lack of time, experience or finding creative solutions.

That’s where I help stressed out management teams.

I have my own cutting table so making prototypes that work is very easy. CAD transfer is easy and working with your own team is a paramount to getting through the issues.

So if you are wanting design back up to your existing team or  just  extra experienced support, I have the tools.

However, its not just about the box is it!

Knowing what runs through a flat bed or rotary die cutter in the most efficient manner with minimal stripping is all part of the designers skill nowadays.

Its also about the rubbering and perforation rules too. All this help the line efficiency in your plant which cuts costs and adds to the margin.




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mick parkes

My Life In Boxes


This isn’t a CV,  just a bit about my background.

I’ve been in packaging for 48 years. I started as a rookie designer and have held quite a few positions as a Design Manager in UK and Europe for large and small companies, since.


I was involved in two start ups which are still going.

The clients I dealt with are household names but also created designs for smaller businesses too.

I have managed and led many design teams.

Although being a manager is great, my preference is design creation and thinking of new ideas.

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say. I live by that and the most successful projects I’ve work on are ones where a client has needed something. When that happens, you’re halfway to the sale.


I recently left a global packaging business as UK Design Manager for e-commerce and for the second time in the last 20 years have started my own design and support business.

The insight and experience from this alone is what’s available to you.

I can help with any aspect of corrugated design, or in fact many other media too.






The phrases: ‘keeping you awake at night‘ and ‘what happens if a lawn mower drops on it’ are by colleagues I know in the business , not mine but appropriate.

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