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Its not about me, it’s about what’s needed. That’s my take on inventions. Of course there’s more to this thinking than just that statement..

It’s always puzzled me, did some one create the wheel then use it by putting two together or did someone once say is there a better way of moving things than rolling them on logs ( Stonehenge )? The latter of course is probably what happened. First the need then the invention and thousands of improvements since.

In the last few weeks a lot of people have been busy inventing and creating things for all sorts of uses, such as a need to work through the health issues we’re all experiencing. It no doubt will spur on other inventions, not yet thought of.

When we come out of this period of human experience, will your business be ready to move forward with the new opportunites that are bound to arise? Were you really able to respond before the virus hit? If not then you’ll need to think more than ever about what new products do people need in the future. What product opportunities are appearing over the horizon, how do you respond?

We’d only just got started with the No Plastic movement. This was and hopefully will continue to challenge designer/inventors in finding new techniques and products.

Environmental issues will certainly drive the direction we go in.

So the big question for business is…… are you fit to cope and take advantage of the new possibilties.? Is your set up such that it will be “back to business as usual” rather than move into new unexplored directions.

I once saw a great quote for need: Are you fed up with being stuck in traffic jams? – I sell scooters!!!!

Independent thinkers quite often see the bigger picture in a different light. They also have connections and experiences outside the corporate straightjacket, not confined to politics and who’s steering the ship..

They also have time. The most precious commodity an inventor needs. Time to research, try out and just simply THINK. Also ask questions, the most basic task in any project.

Are you set and ready for the new design world post virus?

Image is subject to copyright and product shown is Michelin Airless Tire

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