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My take on survival and innovation. Hare brained ideas for sale

Apart from the recent 6 of the last 20 years, I’ve been my own boss. I wouldn’t say I was an expert by any means but you learn a lot when your only one payday from oblivion. ( you also learn how to get the spelling correct when writing posts ). Having a partner that is also self employed and bringing up three kids too, I would say I know that stress or the unexpected is only just around the corner..I try hard not to get disheartened when things aren’t going my way, or where’s the next £ coming from.

The driving force for me is inventing products or solving someones need. I couldn’t say how many ideas I’ve had in these last 20years but most will have hit the buffers, because whilst it seemed a good idea, no one wanted to buy it..

However, creating these discarded ideas means you at least go through an experience whilst doing so. That knowledge is vital for any new project you may be involved in. Ticking off the issues as to why that bit of the idea is rubbish is based on all those previous creations. That then leads you down the best path and the best solution you can then offer.

Some of you my know I also paint abstract art. If ever there was a profession where there’s more discarded work than surviving, its art. Often messing up a picture is done by overdoing things at the last miunte. Less is more as some say.. learning to deal with dissapointment is the biggest challenge I have faced. Getting put off and thinking “I’ve had enough of this job as i’m shit at it” is something that goes through my head a few times a month. But we have to persevere by remembering the last time we felt like it something came along that put that feeling in the shadows..

We now face a very weird future after this virus. Will things go back as they were or will they change for better or worse.. Well, one things can be observed, necessity is clearly the Mother on Invention. People producing masks, ventilators, cardboard desks etc. Just about everything people need more of, has seen innovation at its best..

So the lesson from this is, if there’s a need, there’s a sale..to be brutally honest about it.

Writing blogs is one thing but creating content for websites is a whole different ball game. We have read, watched and listened to dozens of so called experts on these topics and have probably absorbed useful intel of what we need to do. However, trial and error also play a part in this, just like product design.

BUT, the one overiding thing we have figured out as being the most important is……What do our audience need!!!! not what we can offer.

There’s enough written about this already and I’m not qualified to say too much but so many sales drives don’t get this..Its about them not you..

That’s where survival lays..

Stay agile, stay focussed.

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