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With millions stuck at home for whatever reason, but related to Covid-19, it appears more people will be/are buying online. It could just be basics which are scarce in the bricks and mortar shops but it could be items they may not usually buy, possibly through boredom but also discovery.

So it looks like, to me anyway, another shift in consumerism is on the horizon. Whenever there is a shift in global circumstances, there’s also a shift in habits. We are certainly in that arena now.

So although many people are seriously affected by this virus, eventually we will get over it. That means we have to be ready for whatever shift has occurred in peoples views and lives.

One of course will be buying online, that’s for certain. So what other opportunities lie ahead of us in this sector of packaging.?

Well, I would say more will be used and hopefully as plastic free as possible of course. I’m biased as I work in the paper based sector but it does make sense that new packs, logistics and delivery systems will become the norm rather than the exception that they maybe now.

Design and Innovation will be tested to its known limits. But it will ask for a step change in creativity, just like it did in WW2. I am constantly amazed at what was invented in that period but long forgotten (there’s loads of books about these and worth a read in these weird times). We should be considering what we may have to do after this global issue. If you don’t you’ll get left behind.

I’m ever the optimist, even though at present that’s hard for a lot of people to get their head round. We all have off days, me too, but whenever something is needed, particularly in my business (Pack Design) and it will solve someones issue then I get excited, more so if I seem to solve the challenge. So here’s a big chance to move our world on by design.

So Designers and Innovators, get ready…. or in fact start thinking now. What’s going to change?????

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