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Continuing on the millimetre story

In my last blog I made a point about how much more you can ship on a pallet if the size of the primary pack is truly evaluated. Now its not easy to do on a plastic bottle due to tooling costs etc. But to emphasise….. Most packaging made from plastic is being scrutinised by the public or environmentalists along with the press, who in reality, you cannot afford to forget. So here’s an opportunity not to be missed. If you are now changing the material for that bottle, you’ll really need to consider the bottle size and SHAPE, before making that final decision. By adjusting that bottle by a few millimetres its possible to ship a lot more bottles into the retailer sometimes up to 20%….Now that’s too good to ignore.

What is an easier option is changing a seal end carton or similar pack made from card/board of course. The tooling is a lot less and even the graphics aren’t expensive to re do when compared to the savings overall.

So consider this. If you had someone come in to scrutinise and audit your packaging, it may save you a lot of cash….

Thats what I do…and have done for years. Its a simple task really and just needs a bit of organising, planning and outcomes agreed.. You don’t have to do much at all, just facilitate some time and people. I do the rest

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