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With the current wave of material development, every millimetre counts…. Why? you ask. Well its a fair question. Take trigger spray bottles for instance. This material development is due to sustainability and scientific pressure on the packaging world to find better ways of containing liquids. So there is now a lot of work experimenting with new grades of plastic which may or may not be any better than the current ones. However this shift in thinking presents an opportunity many may miss…..

Its time to consider other factors that may help our planet.. One such important aspect is getting the size of your bottle right. Not a lot of credence has been given to how the size of a bottle or carton affects the number shipped on pallet, through the supply chain, then onto the retailer shelves. Before you commit to new tooling for that very new bottle, consider this.

Its possible to get 20% more bottles than the current one, on the same unit load and therefore save energy in forms of Co2 along with more efficient transportation timings etc. Basically you can get more to store for less effort.

Here’s an example. A current trigger spray bottle is sized 111 x 56 x 275mm. Calculations show if its within an RRP box for 6, you can get 576 bottles per unit load. (UK STD 1200 x 1000 pallet) However here’s the power of a few millimetres….. If the bottle is resized to 110 x 51 x 280mm, you can achieve 720 bottles per unit load. Quite something!!!!!

If you are thinking or working on a project like this, please consider the opportunity to get more bottles per pallet, not just making the material more planet friendly.

It can be done in a lot of businesses and I can support you with this. Having spent decades doing this sort of project it doesn’t take too long to find a solution.

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