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The current panic and alarm is about plastic appearing in the oceans and therefore killing marine life or getting in our food chain. Quite understandably we should use what’s going do the job with least harm or CO2 etc. You don’t see paper based items in the oceans but may do as more replace plastic being thrown from vessels on the high seas or any other route. Whatever happens to it is debatable too but unlikely to break down in harmful molecules, or does it? We need more research for this too. If the consumers and environmentalists are driving the No Plastic wagon, the users will switch to paper which they know what to do with after use as it’s fully understood that cardboard or paper is easily recycled via kerbside. The vast majority of consumers in our markets have no idea what types of plastic they throw away or even if it gets recycled. Our job as inventors and creators is to find more earth friendly packaging. Necessity is the Mother of Invention..

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