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Terms and conditions

We always strive to supply what you ordered.

If we are unable to do so, for any reason, we will always contact you urgently.

If the goods arrive damaged, please reject the parcel from the carrier as it will be their fault.

If the boxes are not what you expected, we will refund the cost and you can keep the boxes

We reserve the right to amend the material occasionally, the boxes are made from. If they do not meet with your approval, please contact us.

Any issues will be resolved urgently. Please contact: solutionys@gmail.com

We cannot and will not be responsible for any damage to your items as we do not know exactly what you are putting into our box. Neither are we responsible for any damage caused by your carrier when its on its way to your customer. You must claim from your carrier.

If you are in any doubt about the performance of our boxes with your item, please call us for advice. That’s what we are here for.

Neither are we responsible for any injury caused by a box you have sent. You are responsible for ensuring the box is closed and sealed correctly and safely.

All UK consumer guidelines apply to our contract. 2019

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